After earthquake of February 2010, this 2011 has been with no doubt a fishing recovery year.  Not only in the South but also North Chile and Peru have recovered past old fishing numbers.   This strong recover of the offer, has mean big price correction since the Feb.11, when price reach the top after the very bad Peruvian fishing at the end 2010 early 2011.   Therefore market has been very tough specially for the buyers, which have run almost a whole year shipping parcels that were bought at higher prices than the arrival timing price.  Now, after this high production, market is well covered with high stocks in China and other markets, which this time want to wait and see which will be the new price level in this new condition to avoid additional commercial looses.

Regarding the Chilean Industry, after several merges, now the main issue, is the new fishing law which may include new royalty payments and tender for some percentage of the quota renovation.  This will be the main issue of 2012.